A Short Film by Nic Askew via Soul Biographies ‘… so many of the things people think they want, they want because they think they can’t have. And as soon as they find out they can have it, the want goes away.’

What are you thinking? How does it make you feel? Join Michael Neill Thursday July 24th at Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern/7pm UK to explore the power of a deeper understanding of how life works! The Ultimate Accountability

Have your cake and eat it too.

El libro no leído no ayudará. The book you don’t read won’t help.

FabLabs, Time Banks, and Other Hidden Treasures You Didn’t Know You Owned

…Self-organized commons are undergoing a renaissance today as one of the most robust alternatives to modern-day capitalism…Self-organized commons are undergoing a renaissance today as one of the most robust alternatives to contemporary capitalism. They include such diverse endeavors as seed-sharing cooperatives in India, community gardening in major cities, open source software programming, D.I.Y. hackerspaces, FabLabs, scientific disciplines that publish their research in open-access journals, and local food initiatives such as community supported agriculture, Slow Food, and permaculture…

David is an author, activist, blogger, and independent scholar of the commons. This article published on YES! magazine is derived from his recent book,

Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons (New Society Publishers). by David Bollier

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Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Bike Tour T-shirt

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Bike Tour T-shirt

We are on our way!!! Cyclist contribute in so many ways to our communities. Atlanta metro was already on the bandwagon with local organizations such as The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and The Southern Bicycle League and now with the added incentive of ‘PeopleForBikes‘ we can forge ahead, really make some progress, connect all the dots from north to south and east to west. I would like to personally congratulate and thank Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed who stands firm with cycling Atlanta and is very much committed to getting Atlanta to the top ten cities for cycling by the year 2016.​ (several videos follow)
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Co-viviendas está vivo y bien en España. Este es un gran modelo a emular. No el típico. “esto es quién somos y si se une… ” Esto es participativo. Es co-crear con otros también crear su propio espacio y participación. Ahora es el momento para un ambiente más intergeneracional, económico, ecológico y sostenible.

Co-housing is alive and well in Spain. This is a great model to emulate. Not the typical. “this is who we are and if you join…” This is participatory. You co-create with others yet also create your own space and involvement. The time is now for a more inter- generational, economical, ecological and sustainable environment.

CoHousing Verde

Que es Cohousing?



Gracias por el mejor día de mi vida…




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