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In my wanderings researching everything I can lay sight on concerning this incredible movement toward a more rational, simpler, environmentally sound and financially liberating life style I recently discovered Gabriella and Andrew Morrison the creators of tinyHouseBuild.com. What a joy! Everything you could possible wish to find on one web site is here to be found along with many links.

Gabriella’s blog has a wealth of not only vital information about how to, it also includes anecdotes of their adventures along this path. After all, what we seek is not only to save money, which is a definite bonus by living large in smaller spaces but, it is also about community. They share the process and in their FAQ section they address all questions and are answered in detail. They have invested soul felt time and energy to create a welcoming home for all to share in their collective knowledge.

Andrew makes available, at a most reasonable cost, all of the plans, material lists, schematics, blueprints and DVD’s for the grand tiny house they now live in. (I in no way benefit financially from this recommendation. I am merely impassioned by this movement to someday be able to fully incorporate) Please do yourself a favor and check them out. Following, the hOMe tour video. You will be rewarded for time well spent. And checkout their FB page while your out and about.



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Image: Brendon Purdy for Smallworks

Image: Brendon Purdy for Smallworks


Sustainable Living

I discovered Tiny Houses and an array of information via web searches for viable ways of downsizing and living more affordably. Along the way some sites stood out and led to further investigations which have expanded my horizon, my mind, my heart and my soul. Hopefully here you will find like minded individuals to journey along with as we travel along this incredible life.

FairCompanies is one such place. Created by Kirsten Dirksen and Nicolás Boullosa. These two, along with their children, have traveled extensively and documented those sojourns. They walk the talk. Here to get you started a documentary by Kirsten. Prepare yourself a refreshing beverage. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

​He descubierto la Pequeña Casa movimiento y una variedad de información a través de la web en busca de formas viables de reducción y vivir de forma más asequible. A lo largo del camino algunos sitios se destacaron y llevaron a investigaciones adicionales que han ampliado mi horizonte, mi mente, mi corazón y mi alma. Esperemos que aquí encontrarás personas afines para viajar juntos a lo largo de esta vida increíble.
FairCompanies es uno de estos lugares. Creado por Kirsten Dirksen y Nicolás Boullosa. Estos dos, junto con sus hijos, han viajado extensamente y documentado esos viajes y experiencias personales con individios ya viviendo mas sencillamente. Caminan su charla. Aquí para empezar un documental de Kirsten. Prepárate una bebida refrescante. Siéntate, relájate y disfruta.​

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Four Lights Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Tiny House Nation

All photos acquired via Google Search under heading tiny houses, images. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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Co-viviendas está vivo y bien en España. Este es un gran modelo a emular. No el típico. “esto es quién somos y si se une… ” Esto es participativo. Es co-crear con otros también crear su propio espacio y participación. Ahora es el momento para un ambiente más intergeneracional, económico, ecológico y sostenible.

Co-housing is alive and well in Spain. This is a great model to emulate. Not the typical. “this is who we are and if you join…” This is participatory. You co-create with others yet also create your own space and involvement. The time is now for a more inter- generational, economical, ecological and sustainable environment.

CoHousing Verde

Que es Cohousing?


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Una mujer muy especial, querida y admirada por todos la conocen, esta muy grave. El favor es solo piensen de ella mandando de esa energía mágica queda en cada una de ustedes. Su nombre es Joanna Macy. La mujer es un encanto y una profundamente involucrado activista ambiental, autor, erudito de budismo, teoría de sistemas general, y ecología profunda. Aquí comparto su pagina web. Para aquellos lo necesiten tiene traductor a mano izquierda si desean leer y conocerla un poco.  Welcome to All Beings


Active Hope


Yo honro ese lugar en ti en donde habita el universo entero, yo honro ese lugar en ti que es un lugar de amor, de verdad, de luz. Y sé que cuando tú estás en ese lugar dentro de ti, y yo estoy en ese lugar dentro de mí, tú y yo somos uno solo.

solo yo,

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Words do not suffice/Las palabras no son suficientes

Enjoy – Disfrute


Portfolio of Cristóbal Vila/La Galería de Cristóbal Vila

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